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iqwerty is a digital marketing agency based in Blackpool, specialising in web design, graphics, SEO and social media management.

We work with small-to-medium-sized businesses, designing engaging online experiences that deliver results. So, whether you require a new website or wish to improve your visibility on Google, we are equipped to help! To begin the transformation of your online presence, request an initial consultation with one of our experienced Blackpool website designers.

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"There is not a one size fits all solution to digital marketing. We create bespoke strategies based on your specific requirements. When you succeed, we do too!"

Neil Doherty

digital marketer


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We understand that marketing a business can be challenging. It’s our job to get you noticed amongst the crowd. Together, we can outsmart your competition! Whether you need an engaging online presence or a perfectly prepared print campaign, our team of Blackpool digital marketing specialists have you covered.

the four stages of seo

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is pointless if your customers cannot find it. That is where SEO comes into the equation. Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing marketing technique adopted to increase a website's ranking on major search engines such as Google. Studies indicate that up to 81% of internet users aged between 16 - 64 have searched online for a product or service. Ensuring that your website ranks well on the major search engines often yields results.


It's essential to understand the scope of your competition. We will complete an in-depth analysis of the playing field to ensure that your SEO strategy is targeted and effective.


If the search engines deem the quality of your website's content to be of poor quality or worse, plagiarised, then you will be penalised. A website should be updated regularly with relevant content.

Technical Optimisation

The technical integrity of a website is fundamental to the success of an SEO campaign. We optimise every website to deliver peak performance, focusing on structure, speed, and security.


Backlinks are links from other websites to your own. For maximum effect, these links should be from relevant and reputable sources. If built incorrectly, backlinks will impede development.




Responsive Website Designs

Reach more customers

Almost 50% of web traffic is from a mobile device. To increase the conversion rate of your website; a responsive, mobile-friendly design is undoubtedly beneficial. Cast your net as wide as possible!

Simpler analytics

A responsive design allows for the collection of clear and concise analytical data from a single source. Rather than serving two separate sites, one for desktop and another for mobile, a responsive website is compatible with any device.

Improve visibility on search engines

In September 2020, Google completed the transition to 'mobile-first' indexing for all websites. Optimising your website for mobile browsing is an essential ingredient of a successful SEO strategy.


Digital Marketing Blog

Running a business can be challenging! The biggest obstacle for any new business is getting their name out into the wild. How can you one-up your competition? Do I need a website? Which social media platforms should I use? Our Blackpool web designers answer these types of questions in their articles.